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An HDMI splitter is a special accessory used for splitting one HDMI signal into many which you can connect to different devices and get the same signal on each and every one of them. For example, you own a TV shop and you want to show the difference in quality between different kinds of TV's but on the same program at the same time. You have cable, but you can't connect every TV to it simply because there aren't as many outputs on the box as the number of TV's. In order to solve this problem, you buy an HDMI splitter and connect the box with an input of this accessory with an HDMI splitter cable. After connecting the box with a splitter, you will duplicate the original signal and send it to as many outputs as you want, for example 2 or 4.The important thing to know about HDMI splitters is that the signal you're getting is simply a duplicate of an original signal, which means you will get the exact output on any number of devices. You won't be able to watch one program on one TV and another on a different TV.Just like any other product out there, there are different kinds of HDMI splitters and it's pretty important to know which one to buy.


  • J-Tech Digital JTD3DSP0301
  • 3 HDMI signals in and 1 HDMI signals out.
  • Can switch automatically (based on active input)
  • Support 3D video
  • Kinps®3 Port HDMI Switch HDMI Splitter
  • 3 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out, connects 3 HDMI devices to 1 HDMI display.
  • Plug and Play
  • Extremely Durable
  • HDMI over Single Coax Extender, Transmitter and Receiver
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 225MHz/ link (HDMI 1.3)
  • ESD Protection Human body model: ±8kV (air-gap discharge)
  • COAX Cable Distance: Full HD up to 100M (RG-6U cables), HD up to 200M (RG-6U cables)
  • J-Tech Digital JTD-MINI-1x2SP
  • 2 x HDMI Outputs supporting up to v1.3b and 1440p,1 x HDMI Input supporting up to v1.3b and 1440p
  • Support: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P
  • Essentially all available audio options are supported

Useful HDMI accessories

In order to satisfy every need of a customer and the growing demand of HDMI cables, the founders had to create additional accessories to solve all kinds of problems.The accessories we're talking about are HDMI Splitter (which we will cover in detail soon enough), HDMI Switcher, HDMI hub, HDMI audio splitter and many more.All of these accessories have unique purpose to solve some of your problems.

So let's say, you want to have two different sources for your TV, but your TV only supports one HDMI input. In order to resolve that problem, all you have to do is buy an HDMI Switcher, plug two cables into input 1 and input 2 and use one cable to connect the output with your TV. After connecting everything, in order to switch between the devices connected to HDMI switcher, all you have to do is click the button on a switcher.An HDMI audio splitter solves another kind of problem. This is a solution for extracting analog sound off of a device which only supports HDMI and plug it into another device which supports analog audio only.

So, let's say you're playing PC, you want the video on your TV but the audio on a receiver which doesn't support HDMI or optical out. You buy an HDMI audio splitter, put an HDMI cable from PC into an input, get another HDMI cable and connect your TV with an output but also connect your left and right channels from a receiver to this amazing accessory. Now, you have the audio on a receiver with a nice surround system and video on your TV.But now, let's talk about the main reason you visited this article - HDMI Splitters.

In order to clear the confusion, first we have to point out that an HDMI cable splitter is NOT the same as an HDMI cable switcher. Many people don't know the difference and although these accessories look similar, their purposes are completely different. We've already mentioned what Switchers are for in the text above, so what is an HDMI splitter?




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Display Devices

92% of todays display devices are connected with the HDMI Cables and Splitters.

Signal Strength

Using HDMI splitters gives you 100% same signal on the all devices that you are using.


All HDMI splitters are tested by our top technical experts before writing a review.

Choosing an HDMI Splitter

There are many different HDMI splitters and they vary in types, prices and styles. It's very important to know what your displays need in order to make sure that an HDMI splitter you buy will ensure the necessary amount of data for each of the devices connected to it. The important factors you need to know are the refresh rate, color depth and of course, resolution.The refresh rate results in the ''smoothness'' of the video. It's important to know that if your device is capable of showing only 60Hz and the cable you're using can transmit up to 120Hz, the cable will transmit 60Hz regardless of its capabilities. But the problem doesn't lie with the unused potential of the cable, in a case such as this, the resulting picture might not be smooth enough.Color depth is the most important factor when determining which HDMI splitter you should use. In order to ensure the best quality you have to find the splitter which can match the device's color depth, if you fail to do so, mismatched or dulled colors may appear. The best way to make sure your display won't be distorted is by acquiring a high quality splitter.You don't have to worry much about resolution since the design is pretty clever. If you're using an HDMI cable with capability of transmitting 1080i/p and your TV can only display 720i/p, the TV will display 720 through a conversion.

There are two kinds of HDMI splitters - Cables and Boxes.

Cable splitters are usually used to split maybe one or two lines which does not take all that much power so you won't need an external power source.While on the other hand box splitters are used to provide many more display connections. The box itself is pretty small, but it has many outputs all around. It can be used for several displays at once and because of that it needs an external power source in order to split the original signal among the devices connected to it.There are of course different kinds of cable splitters and box splitters which offer different qualities. In order to achieve the highest video quality on the connected devices it is recommended to buy higher quality splitter. As the number of devices connected to a splitter rise, so should the quality of said splitter.

Kinps®3 Port HDMI Switch HDMI Splitter

Kinps 3port HDMI switcher has, just like the name suggests, three ports called ''input'' and one port called ''output'', which means you can connect three devices to one TV or Monitor simultaneously.The hardware of this device is made out of standard HDMI 1.4 cable with high quality 24 karat gold plated metal connector and technical process shielded by an aluminum foil which greatly decreases the risk of signal interference. But the impressive part is not the hardware, but what this device actually does and why it's better than the products similar to it.

J-Tech Digital JTD3DSP0301

J-tech Digital 3 port HDMI switch comes in a box with a power cable and an HDMI switch remote control, to which we will get in a minute.The HDMI switcher itself is pretty compact, it doesn't require much space and the design is pretty simple. It has three inputs in the front and one output in the back. In order to connect the devices, all you have to do is connect one of the ports with a device using an HDMI cable. The switcher will work regardless of the number of devices plugged in and the signal will remain the same whether only one device is working or all three are.

J-Tech Digital JTD-MINI-1x2SP

This HDMI MINI Splitter has two HDMI outputs supporting up to v1.3b and 1440p and one HDMI input supporting up to v1.3b and 1440p. It also supports all available audio options and it is suitable for 3D resolution. When it comes to resolution you should know that the quality of the video you will watch on your TV depends not only on the HDMI Splitter but every device you use from your DVD player to your TV. If you want to watch a 1080p video for example, every device has to support 1080p video quality. If only one of the devices has 720p, your video will be downgraded even if the HDMI Splitter supports higher resolutions.

HDMI over Single Coax Extender

Watching a movie in your home theater is one of the most pleasant things nowadays, but what happens when you want to move the Entertainment center from your living room to let's say your porch or the basement. HDMI cables usually aren't that long or even if you find one it will probably end up entangled all over the floor, causing degradation of your HD signal. HDMI over Single Coax Extender device is one of the possible solutions to your problem, it will allow you to watch HD videos and enjoy HD audio signals even if the distance between your display device and media box is greater than 300 feet.


let's talk about HDMI cable and the reason why it's number one when it comes to connecting devices such as TV's or monitors.HDMI transfers uncompressed digital video and audio for the best possible image quality. It allows all digital rendering without the loss of quality due to unnecessary digital to analog conversions. HDMI supports many different audio formats, it's very cost efficient and it is very easy to use.Now, you might have a TV or a monitor which only supports VGA cable and you're not satisfied with its quality, you want to upgrade it to HDMI in order to get the best video quality possible but you're not sure how. Don't worry, the founders of HDMI have got it covered for you. They have created VGA to HDMI converter in order to solve that problem. VGA to HDMI converter also solves the problem when your, let's say, monitor supports VGA only and your computer supports only HDMI. In order to solve this problem, all you have to do is buy a converter, set it up and you're ready to go.If you're already familiar with all of the above but you have other kinds of problems concerning HDMI cables, like, not enough HDMI inputs / outputs or maybe you want two different sources for your TV, stick around and find out what other kind of accessories exist just to handle your HDMI troubles.

HDMI Splitter Features

HDMI splitter features vary from one product to another, but these are some of the most common ones.

- HDMI splitters have the ability to distribute a signal among numerous outputs on HDMI / DVI displays.

- HDMI splitters guarantee no loss of signal between the display and the original output device

- DVI or HDMI cables are commonly used with splitters

- Display devices can all run at the same time

- HDMI splitters have 1080i/p, 720i/p and 420p resolutions

- The HDMI audio signal does not suffer lower quality when split

- HDMI splitter complies with new versions of HDMI

- Installation and design are very simple

- Both cable and hardware are protected in order to prevent any possibility of damaging

Best HDMI Splitters

It's very hard to name one splitter as the king of all splitters since there are so many different kinds and most importantly, different customer needs. So instead of just naming the one best HDMI splitter, here is the list of top 5 HDMI splitters.

The first on our list is J-tech HDMI splitter. This splitter flawlessly splits one display four ways without signal degradation, which makes it ideal for PC to multiple TV use. It supports Blue Ray, has an automatic shut off feature and it supports various cable lengths.

The number two goes to Etekcity HDMI splitter. This splitter can connect two subscreens simultaneously, allowing all three outputs to be used at once. It has convenient wireless remote, the resolution can go as high as 4k and it supports 3D.

At number three we have the Panlong Splitter. This HDMI splitter supports high resolutions and can amplify up to 4 outputs. It's great for home, office or school use because it works on multiple applications. It's plug and play, costs less than 50 dollars and has one year warranty.

Number four belongs to OREI HD-102. This is an affordable two output splitter. It supports numerous audio and video formats which makes it great for entertainment hubs. This HDMI splitter is great for gaming consoles, it is very reliable and it has a stay-cool metal design.

And the number five goes to OREI HD-108. This HDMI Splitter is an ideal office solution when you need to transmit one signal to multiple displays. It's extremely versatile, capable of supporting numerous audio and video formats over eight HDMI ports. It has no degradation in picture and sound, supports Plug and Play setup, and buffering and amplifying capabilities.

There is one more HDMI splitter we would like to mention that's not on this list and that's Sewell HDMI splitter. This HDMI splitter is one of the highest quality splitters, it has a remote control, produces excellent picture, external power source and Sewell offers exceptional customer service. It can be connected to Blue Ray, supports HDMI cable and other kinds of HDMI inputs.

When it comes to buying an HDMI splitter, most splitters (depending on the number of ports and quality) aren't all that pricy, but the difference in only a couple of bucks can make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of the video. So before you buy anything, make sure to know exactly what product you need and aim for higher quality if you want to benefit the most from an HDMI splitter.

HDMI splitters - How to

HDMI splitters are pretty easy to use, but before we go into detail, these are the necessary materials:

- A device which has HDMI compliant output source.

- HDMI splitter and power source

- HDMI cable

- And HDMI compliant devices

How to use an HDMI splitters?

First of all, you will have to acquire a splitter with a sufficient amount of output ports that satisfies your needs. Choosing even a slightly higher number of ports can come useful in the future if you plan on adding new devices.After acquiring a splitter, if it needs an external power source, make sure to clear the space designated for the splitter and connect it immediately, if not, simply put it somewhere near the source device and out of the way. Connect the source device to a splitter's input with an HDMI cable and then connect the outputs with the devices you want. If the devices you are going to connect with a splitter are within few feet, a normal HDMI cable with length of 6 to 12 feet will suffice, but if the devices are a bit further away you may want to consider buying a premium cable. Premium cables are usually 25 to 50 feet long and they are used when signal needs to travel longer distances.After connecting the source device as well as the output devices, make sure to turn on the splitter, as it has to be turned on in order to duplicate the original signal.


  • J-Tech Digital JTD3DSP0301
  • Kinps®3 Port HDMI Switch HDMI Splitter
  • HDMI over Single Coax Extender, Transmitter and Receiver
  • J-Tech Digital JTD-MINI-1x2SP
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