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Apr 12

HDMI over Single Coax Extender

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HDMI over Single Coax Extender includes two cases called Transmitter and Receiver both of which are made of solid metal, their dimensions are 9.5 x 12.5 x 2.5 inches which makes them easier to store and install. This also means you will be free of entangled wires sticking out everywhere around your home. Transmitter box has one HDMI input and one Coaxial cable output while Receiver has one HDMI output and one Coaxial cable input. Both Transmitter and Receiver have power source ports and LED lights right next to them, so you can easily see if any cable is disconnected. Receiver has IR Transmitter and Receiver sections as well.
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Supported resolutions

Both Input and Output ports support following resolution: 480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. This means quality of video and audio signals you want to watch on your TV can have up to 1080p resolution, but it does not have to mean it will be that way. For you to be able to watch a video in this quality, all your other devices have to support the same resolution, if one device supports up to 720p resolution, quality of your video will be degraded to that resolution. This is important to understand because great number of people complains about the HDMI over Coax Extender not working properly when actually other devices are not compatible with each other. One more great thing about video quality this device provides is that Full HD quality is available at a distance of 300 feet but you will be glad to know that even at 600 feet distance your signal will still be HD. This device allows you to watch digital video formats in the Deep Color Mode. Color depth this device supports is up to 12-bits/color. Frequency Bandwidth of this device is 225 MHz/link (HDMI 1.3), it is also has integrated ESD Protection Human body model 8kV (air-gap discharge).


Loop output on your Receiver box’s allows you to connect one more additional receiver to your Transmitter box, making it possible for you to watch your movie on multiple display devices without using HDMI Splitters. Of course you would have to buy additional Receiver case and you will need more Coaxial cables. Loop out port and the opportunity it provides you with is what makes it different than other HDMI over Coax Extenders and precisely this is the reason why people often decide to buy this device.


 Installation of HDMI over Single Coax Extender is not so hard as it may sound, it may include some in-wall wiring but it is surely a better option than having to jump over HDMI cables all over your house. Everything you will need to install this device are Transmitter and Receiver cases which will make connecting HDMI to coax cable possible and a Coaxial cable that can be found in every household or bought in any electronics store. First, you will need to connect your media box to your Transmitter with the help of the glorious HDMI cable, connect your display devices to your Receiver at the other end of the house and at the end use coaxial cable to link HDMI outputs and inputs on your Transmitter and Receiver boxes.
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A coaxial cable that links Transmitter and Receiver boxes should be 750hm RG-6U coaxial cable which is responsible for transmitting audio and video signals without any signal interference. Every household usually has one or more Coaxial cable so you probably won’t have to buy it, this is why HDMI over Single Coax Extender is the most economical way to extend HDMI signals up to 300 feet.
Transmitter and Receiver boxes both need external power source to work properly, 5 Volts DC/2A power adapter is included in the HDMI over Single Coax Extender package as well as the User Manual that will help you install this device on your own.