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Apr 12

J-Tech Digital JTD3DSP0301 3 port high speed HDMI switcher

By admin | HDMI Splitters Reviews , J-Tech Digital JTD3DSP0301 3 port high speed HDMI switcher

In the world of HDMI switchers the price and quality may vary significantly and if you’re looking for the right switcher you should actually pay attention to value for money ratio.
Of course, the number one priority are your personal needs like, how many ports you need, whether you need 4K resolution or not and so on, but if you’re looking for a standard 3 port HDMI switcher with good value for money ratio, you won’t find a better product than J-tech Digital 3port HDMI switcher.
This switcher will allow you to connect three different devices to a device of your choice, TV, Monitor or a projector and use them simultaneously.

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Some HDMI switchers require external power source, while others don’t. This particular switcher does, so in order to get it to work, you will have to connect the power cable before turning it on.
Even though this HDMI switch box has a button on it for manual switching between ports, it comes with an HDMI switch remote control.
HDMI switch remote control will allow you to switch between ports without having to get up and walk up to the switch. It has buttons for all three ports which means you will be able to switch from first port to third without having to go through the second one.
In order to control it to the best of your ability, it’s smart to point the switcher to your general direction in order to see which lamp is currently shining. The light will be on above the channel you’re currently using, which means you will never forget which device is connected to which port.


You’re probably wondering what kind of specifications does this device have.
Well, first of all, and most important, it can bring out full HD potential of your devices. The resolution goes as high as 1080p and when it comes to computer resolution it goes up to 1920×1200. This J-tech switcher also supports 3D, but you will have to bear in mind that in order to use 3D technology, all the devices connected to the switcher must have that ability.
Generally, the switchers work based on ”the weakest link in the chain”, which means even though one device can emit 1080p, if another one can only achieve 720p, they will both have the 720p resolution. Same goes for 3D. If you ever have trouble with 3D feature and think the switcher is malfunctioning because it’s not showing it as it should, remember this and make sure that all the devices connected to it support 3D or simply turn off the ones that don’t.

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If you’re looking for a high quality HDMI switcher that doesn’t cost all that much, we would whole-heartedly recommend the J-tech Digital JTD3DSP0301 3-port high speed HDMI Switcher

jtech-3J-tech Digital 3 port HDMI switcher supports DTS-HD, Dolby-trueHD, DTS, LPCM 1.7, DSD, Dolby-AC3. It’s also compliant with all HD TV’s, Blue Ray players, PlayStation, Xbox, All versions of apple TV and other HDMI compatible devices. It also has deep color up to 36 bit and it’s HDCP 1.2 compliant.
One of the nice features is also a smart way of switching between HDMI ports. If you turn on a new device which is already connected to the switch box, the TV will automatically switch to that port. On the other hand, if you turn off one of the devices, it will automatically switch to the one that’s working.
In customer feedback, we’ve had a lot of reviews stating that the one thing they like the most compared to their previous HDMI switcher is when they switch between devices, the signal doesn’t freeze or drop.

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