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Apr 12

Kinps®3 Port HDMI Switch HDMI Splitter

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HDMI cables are the type of cables you choose to connect a device with a TV or monitor if you want the highest quality picture you can get. Because of this, they are most commonly used worldwide and in order to satisfy every need of a customer they have to go hand in hand with certain accessories.
One cable input in a TV, Monitor or Projector cannot connect a few different devices on its own, but with an accessory called ”HDMI switcher” it surely can.
HDMI switchers are used when you want to connect a few different devices to one TV, monitor or a projector and when it comes to HDMI Switchers, Kinps 3port HDMI switcher with braided pigtail cable is one the best.
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First feature

 First feature we would like to talk about is the ”smart” switch. If you have all three devices plugged in, in order to switch between them, you have to click on a button on the switcher. That’s something most switchers have in common, but what separates this one from the rest is – if you have only two devices plugged in, for example on port 1 and port 3, it will automatically jump over the unused port. Another great thing is that if you’re using two devices and they are both turned on at the same time and you turn off the one your TV is currently showing, it will automatically switch to the second device.
It works the same way in reverse, if you have on device powered off while using another device, when you turn on the device you’re not using it will automatically switch to it.
The logic behind this mechanism is quite simple, switcher simply ”assumes” that you wouldn’t turn on the device unless you are going to use it.

Switching between ports

The time this switcher needs to switch from one port to another is significantly lower than other switchers, in fact, it’s so much faster that the company included ”high speed” reference in the full name of the product.
Of course, this smart way of switching between ports would be nothing it the device itself wasn’t as good as it is. Kinps 3port HDMI switcher supports 3D, it supports full 1080p resolution and computer resolution of up to 1920×1200.
It has plug and play, which means it needs no external power in order to be functional and it also doesn’t require any kind of software to run properly.


The durability of this device is an extremely important part as well. You wouldn’t want to have issues just because your cable is malfunctioning somewhere along the line. Because of this, Kinps 3port HDMI switcher has cable braided by nylon fiber cloth jacket which encases the cord. This style of cable production ensures a long lifespan and if you ever had any problems with malfunctioning cables, you know that this feature means a lot.
By using Kinps 3port HDMI switcher you can be sure that there will be no signal degradation whether you have one or three devices plugged in. This switcher ensures maximum quality and it will bring out the full potential of devices plugged into it.
Not only is it great for video, it also has amazing HD audio quality. This switcher supports DTS, LPCM, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD audio formats and many more.
Besides being compatible for devices like Xbox and Sony PlayStation it also supports HD-DVD and Blue-Ray players.
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This product is rated 4.8 stars on Amazon and the customer feedback is nothing but praise. The feature most customers seemed to like the most is the ”smart” switch.
There is one thing you have to know which concerns all HDMI switchers before you connect all of your devices. The switcher itself can bring out the maximum potential of 1080p, but if any of your devices have lower maximum resolution, the switcher will only transmit as much as the device can handle.